Monday, February 26, 2007

Space, Time & Earth

Space has always fascinated me, from childhood days of reading graphic illustrated books on space to now, reading all theories and question related to space, time and universe..

Once in a while i get triggered and start looking and finding more about the space... universe... and this time i was triggered by my room-mate and young friend, happu. Happu, wanted to find a qestion which could not be easily answered by looking up at google, which he wanted to submit at his class discussion board. And there we were, running our "think-tanks" to look out for the ultimate question. And as it would have had gone, i again... landed up on the vast emptiness of the space.

There are all these wonderful "things" i think of and get amazed like...wormholes, time relativity, time travel, and Einstein's time dilation theory to name a few.

....<...i am right now writing and editing this text...and if u happen to read this, please check back later....usually i write in one go, but this one is an exception, and so i will work on it..and will take "my own time"... :) >

Current day and night view at Earth

Solar System Live

Home Planet, a comprehensive astronomy / space / satellite-tracking package

Earth & Moon Viewer

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Out-of-body-experience OBEs

I first heard the term in a documentary movie at the National Geographic channel. Since then I came across a lot of online articles, self thought process and vlogs from youtube. and every time I stumble on this term... it sounds so amazing and I wish I could achieve this one day...there’s so much I wish to do... when m not in my body...

Coming back to the topic :) ..., the documentary covered how patients under operations in a number of hospitals have told exactly what was going on when their body was being operated. People have being telling of how they could feel the weightlessness and could feel floating, and were able to pass through doors, walls... According to what I have read as of date... this phenomena is explained scientifically as the sub-conscious mind waking up... when we are not sleeping, out conscious mind is active, which controls the nervous system and all of our body movements. Sub-conscious mind is a energy house... which is powerful but not fully active.

Something not exactly OBE but half waking up thing happened to me...It was summer of 2002. I took a nap after lunch. After some time, I felt thirsty and woke up... I still remember what I saw, ... I saw my room, normal...and I found myself lying on my bed (again, normal)... I moved my head towards the water jug on my right and tried to get up... I felt pain in my body, as I forced it to get up... I realized in spite of my will, I can not move anything below my neck... my hand refused to move a bit... I was amazed and applied all will and force, to which I got an acute pain in my hand, which lasted a few days. I realized... that maybe its "bad-timing" or maybe I am dreaming very realistically and gave up....and slowly fall asleep. When I woke up, not much time had passed; I could move all my body… wow...!! But the pain remained...which told me that what I had witnessed was not a dream!

I got up, googled it and found related to sub-conscious mind... more googling landed to the out of body experience, which thrilled and excited me... there are lot of events and groups doing research on OBEs, there are numerous books written and lots of people who have witnessed OBE. I wish I could too get OBE... the first thing I wish to do, is to go and see how the girl is, I care of...and that she does not even know of..!!! amazing... I really feel that lots of things in this world are wonders... and one has to witness it, to know it better...

I might have made no sense at all... but what the heck... as I said earlier... one has to witness it to know it better.... if still someone is reading this (un-realistic)... these links can be browsed...