Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rendezvous with Bill Gates - Junior

One Morning, I was surprised to see a Bill Gates look-alike standing next to me and smiling!! This was in a Macs store in Barrie, Ontario. I was shocked, surprised and happy.... for few moments, was still sinking in the what I saw and reality.

I took the opportunity and told him, how much he resembled Bill Gates, thinking he would be glad to hear that... but sure enough... he already knew that! He replied back.. "people keep telling me that"... hahaha

Well, then I told him he should shoot a movie starring himself as Bill Gates or maybe think of Hollywood. I am sure someone out there must be willing enough to make a Microsoft themed movie..... or if funny then... maybe a move titled..."Bill Gates - back to school" with dialogues from Arnold's movie "I will be back... "... that will be a blockbuster... Crazy laughs ensued and it made my day! He then permitted me upon request, to take some pictures of him to put it here, for this memorable day.

Picture of Bill Gates for reference: See yourself