Saturday, October 31, 2009


Recently on twitter I read tweets about a book from a twitter contact. The name of the book is "Start with why", by Simon Sinek. It has intrigued me and while driving to and from work, and while thinking on all mundane stuff, I've started thinking with a why, and often times, try to question why, "why", while i am thinking on the stuff too?

It has been a good thought journey in these 2 days since i have read about the book's title & the intro note about the book by Simon Sinek himself, reading it will lay the base map in your mind too, of the stuff I am talking here. The intro note can be read here.

Thinking of all the stuff, I came across a tweet by @davidcrow, about a video clip of a Stanford university class lecture on creative out-of-the-box thinking. Sincethe clip was short, I asked David for a link of the full clip. David was prompt. I watched the link in many parts from office, re-winding and watching it over again overlapping a small portion every time. The clip was very inspiring and gave me the energy and thought threshold which all of us need, but never appears at the top of our list. Anyways after watching the clip, I thanked David for the wonderful resource, and wrapped up work to leave for home.

That night, at a family get-together, instant 3-word short blast of talk from the clip kept playing in my head. I was thinking how we all, just live by the tested and stable, and which is why dont appreciate or understand risks in entirety. The night ended, Bacardi did its job, shut-off my engine & I went to bed.

Woke up at 6 o' clock, the phone alarm is mute and testing my body-clock again today. Its a little proud feeling, my first win of the day, "there, i beat the clock" I tell myself, again today. Its just been a few days with this new body-clock thing working with me, and its a good feeling. Anyways...

This morning, at work, when things are usually slow, I checked my email which led me to my facebook page, in there, at the right side alerts scrolled, about all the people in my network, whom I haven't communicated for a while. Amongst them was my younger brother, Rahul too. Rahul, had his birthday on Oct 25th. While we spoke on phone and I wished him on his birthday, I never really took the time out, to reach him online. So, in facebook, I saw the wall posting by his friends and colleagues. I realized being brothers, how different we were & recently the increased distanced between us. It was nostalgic. Basically the point here is; little perhaps, but continuous communications is still better then, once a month, 1 hour telephonic chat!

Moving on from that thought, I realized in my own opinion on why people write autobiographies, and what it really says out loud. I felt that they write it to primarily tell people whom they lived, loved and liked, of their importance in their lives. To "thank you" in writing to all and for it to stay there for years to come. Maybe, also to kill the thoughts, of "I didn't lived it properly, I wish I would have done/not-done that..." and why not?! It's their last chance to confess to themselves and to re-emphasize things they did and why.

Also part reason of my blog is this too...

Anyways, so it has been a mix of thinking on the "why's" of the life and things while balancing it with life and love itself. So, Rahul, bhai, I love you, always had and always will.

I might have won against the messenger (my clock) but not the time itself. So, save yourself from writing an autobiography!to all other then Rahul, check the book out, get inspired and love.

Food for though: The one who said: "Pen is mightier then the sword", might have said that after testing out everything with the sword, not pen. ;)

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Rahul said...

Dear bro. I love u. I am really happy for u as u r finally thinking to communicate. U need it most and Completing the 'GOLDEN CIRCLE' as well. Mr. Why's. Ha ha. (think.act.communicate). Love u always.