Wednesday, January 3, 2007

$ 100 Laptop is finally here

I had been keeping an eye on this $100 article since its inception at the MIT as part of a project. Now its finally here. The motto behind this is to provide computing machine to every child in developing countories.

The first countries to sign up for this includes amongst all, Pakistan too. I was surprised to see that when pakistan is trying to "develop", why is India not in the list. We certainly aren't too ahead in the IT "penetration" as is US or so called ""first world countries". We still are considered amongst developing countries and incuded in the category "third world countries". So why not, we take the initiative, penetrate the knowledge and expertise in every corner of our country. Anyways... this aside... getting back to the topic...

The so-called XO machine (the $100 laptop) is being pioneered by Nicholas Negroponte, who launched the project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab in 2004.
Configuration includes; AMD 366Mhz processor, 512MB flash memory, built-in wireless networking, 2 USB ports & no Hard-drive! All data is saved in flash memory till you work...and if you wish to save your can attach USB storage devices additionally.
Runs on the so called "cut down" version of the linux OS. The machine comes with a web browser, word processor and RSS reader. Instead of information being stored along the organising principle of folders and a desktop, users of the XO machine are encouraged to work on an electronic journal, a log of everything the user has done on the laptop.
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