Sunday, February 8, 2009

Singularity !

On one hand: it appears like the diversity of people in this world is coming to a halt! That's pretty alarming! It questions the survivability of human kind.

We have all the intellectuals, philosophers, students, strategists and what-nots all around. As if we are not reaching closer to the unknown but more farther from it! and therefore the word "singularity". Singualrity is defined as; "A point in space-time where its curvature becomes infinite. Big Bang is an example of a singularity."

My focus is on the word "infinite", for it tells me, again the closer we think, the farther we are from the unknown, and the input reason is, because our evolution has almost come to a halt.

As the modern science puts it; It all started with a single-cell organism, which was a female by deafult, and there were no other sex, yes, no "male" sex. They would after a process and period of time would reproduce. Survival was not a requirement, coz they all survived. Then with changing environment and time, it split into male and female celled organisms. Reasoning provided was, of survivalability! If the cells split to male and female, then they would be able to go "out" and reproduce with other cells, and the off-springs would be more diverse and adapt to the changing environment and also coz this would neutralizes an issue in the DNA structure of one organism with the others and vice-versa.

Now, after so many permutations and combinations, I am starting to feel that we have run out of numbers and therefore diversity!

By streamlining humans to one-kind-of-wisdom, we have in a way killed their unknown abilities or discoveries, which they would have done. Maybe we could taught them on how to learn, instead of making them learn by the book, and only learn 5 subjects in 1 year! I maybe be completely wrong, and maybe I might contradict myself in the coming times, but this reminds me of "Osho", who said in one of his lectures that "one who keeps learning has to contradict himself not once but many times...."

On a lighter note, mayebe we need to mutate and need to make aliens arrive ! who knows... (the long ears might be listening in) :)

I also liked: Osho

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