Monday, May 24, 2010


I thought, I was fairly intelligent based on handful of occasions, when my ideas/thoughts of something completely new, came up few months later, as new products in the industry.
I thought, boy, I have it in me.. I can think from ground up! Such parallelism.. hmm..

A week ago, I was jumping on tweets from one to other, all coming from the people I follow. Then I happened to jump to a tweet by Uday Chopra. Yes, that's right, the Bollywood actor, Uday Chopra (@udaychopra). And, I was surprisingly taken aback by how intelligent others are, too. Uday, by the way, was tweeting about "Bell's theorem" and "Super-determinism".

Now, I have Uday Chopra to tell me to sit back in my thinking chair. For those, who would like to read on what Bell's theorem is & possibly thinking, what the hell "Super-determinism" is, then guess what... you gotta Google it yourslelf! ;)

Anyways, I say that I am on my thinking chair again, because, I feel, like all other things, intelligence is relative too, & that it grows to folks, who would be hard to identify and relate to, by other intelligent folks, until they both meet.

Makes any sense? ...

Let me see, if I can explain my mind out here. I have contemplated for a long time, 2 possibilities:

Possibility case 1:

Case 1 of an intelligent NASA astronaut, academic topper. Guru of electronics, mechanics, mathematics and other-tics. Lets say, this guy has gained all the knowledge available & now, his hunger has increased many-fold to seek the knowledge of universe and multidimensional intelligence unknown to us & other stuff which I cant even think of. (Yes, I accepted!)

So, this guy, after all his years into seeking and doing everything towards this goal, finally finds the "god", the one master-key-answer. Now what?

With all that knowledge, mental-elevation & the master-key-answer, all beyond our imagination, one thing I can think of first is, this guy's knowledge hunger now is permanently fixed! There's no more seeking or "wondering" for him anymore.

Now with all that knowledge, it doesn't makes any sense in thinking if he tries to form his small gang and goes for taking control over the world! or do something on the same lines!! naaa......

What I can think of is; 1) he will filter out intelligence and will educate only the type which humankind will benefit from, collectively. 2) lead a complete opposite of the life, he has lived till now.

Possibility case 2:

And that complete opposite life, I always thought was of a country man, (the case 2, guy). This country man who, lives with his family, has his own farm, livestock, pets and lived each day fully as it comes..... finding joy, happiness and love in all the simple things in his lifestyle. He doesn't care or is aware of, what ISLV is, or what Large Hadron Collider does! All he cares of is his family and happiness thereof.


The reason I think the astronaut would lead a completely different lifestyle to what he has lived till now, is because; all the knowledge, intelligence, the "ultimate truth".. and beyond.., is all Zero to him now, zero as in - there is no more distance of understanding of it to/from him, it is in him, the wisdom, the awareness.
& so, I think, the farmer, the remote country-man, could be the only someone, who the astronaut would have interest in, as he could have been the only guy, who would be so far from this but living the exact life, as someone exhausted after a long-long run wud live...

So, looks like, the point I am making here is; Decisions made with having no knowledge & decisions made after having all the knowledge possible, are hardly differentiable! ... think over it..

& all others like me, are somewhere else, in the equation of wisdom and life...

As Einstein once said: "There are only two ways to live your life;
One is as though nothing is miracle; the other is as though everything is a miracle.”

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