Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Howdy World!

Feels like a freshmen once again while in the C++ class, and writing my first program all over again! lol…. it’s so much fun and exciting to try new things which can make existing tasks run so amazingly with scope for possibilities… and today it’s the Windows Live Essentials that made me felt that ways.

Today, I am writing this blog post using Windows Live Writer! Amazing tool… makes it so much easy and flexible.. can’t stop imagining writing blogs at my own pace and then posting it when it’s done…! …ya I know, sounds like the expected, it does have a full-fledged toolbars and dictionary to help me stay on-course and keeps the typos off my blogs.,… hmm… I certify it…COOL!

So, yes that’s one of the tools in Windows Live Essentials, others include but are not limited to; Windows live mesh, live messenger, live SkyDrive, photo gallery, movie maker, outlook connector pack,… to name a few… and it makes me say Wow.. literally!

Never did I had so many meaningful and useful tools at my disposal… all at at once… which really were needed and worked like a charging bull! Now that’s a strong statement! & needless to say these all have been re-engineered/re-designed and once you set your hands on them... you will understand what I really mean... :)

Overall I am happy with how things have come together technology-wise,… a few days ago, via a twitter or a Facebook connection, I saw the video advertisement about Windows Phone 7.. here it is, .. you can watch it below…

And that’s the same idea behind the Windows Live Essentials, .. to enable us to to do our stuff much efficiently and easily. Simple idea but harder to get there, when you got trillion apps, touch screens, shake and compass and all the features that were supposed to help us… got us distracted in ways that we liked… !

So, here I am.. working on these things and hoping to speak to a bunch more at TechDays 2010 in Toronto at the Collaboration Lounge with all these Technologies and enjoying some fun time at the XBox Kinect with the Microsoft Canada team.. would be fun… I hope… if I don’t get glued to the Kinect itself… lol… cheers!

Microsoft TechDays 2010

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